Van Vicker: Today On NollyWood!

February 21, 2009 at 2:53 pm Leave a comment

Van Vicker reacts to ban rumours:van-vicker

Van Vicker, Ghanaian – born Nollywood actor has been the toast of many movie marketers and producers in Nigeria for some time now as his face seems to sell the movies.

But we hear the marketers are all set to ban the actor because it was alleged the actor always demanded for the American copyrights to their movies before featuring in the movies.

Some people alleged the actor would always ask for the sole right to market the movies in America or he would not feature in the movie.

But reacting to this allegation, the actor debunked the allegation to , saying there is no iota of truth in the allegation.

Vicker agreed that he had a company which distributed movies in partnership with another company based in America, but he did not insist that the right to market the film be given to him.

“If I think a film will do well, I approach the owner to buy the film rights for the US. Sometimes, they agree sometimes they do not for different reasons. I have worked with Eagles Wing, St. Joseph, Harrison Productions and many more that I did not get any rights. I am about to work with Venus Films and I am not getting the American rights. Marketers are smart businessmen and they will not make any business decisions that are not good for them.” Vicker said he had bought rights to movies that he did not even star in. “I pay good money for them. I have bought from Emmalex, Noble Entertainment and many others, and I was not even in their films. The storyline is the first thing that influences my choice of scripts. So, I don’t understand where they are getting this story from. I think some people are just being mischievous with this story.  . . . .Stay turn more story to come.


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